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In support of Expo 2020

“Dubai has a very strong case of hosting Expo 2020 with its fabulous infrastructure and worldwide connectivity. As is widely known, Dubai today offers some of the best facilities in terms of travel, with both the national and international carriers touching almost all major destinations of the world. With almost 65% of the world population in the 8-hour travel radius, I don’t think there would be any other city better suited to host this prestigious event. The iconic hotels, trade and exhibition centers, tourist attractions and above all, the hospitable multi-ethnic people of this great country are factors that work in Dubai’s favour.

“Apart from these credible achievements, what I think as the most decisive point would be the far-sighted leadership of this great nation with its “never say die” attitude. The ability to set new benchmarks and surpass them has become a habit here and I am sure this will be repeated at Expo2020.

“If you look at the theme “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”, it is actually what Dubai is already doing. The large number of expats and tourists who come to the UAE and do business is in reality an extension of this theme. Be it is the ease of setting up a business with world class facilities, and export, import or re-export facilities, I don’t think there is any other city close by that can match what Dubai has to offer.

“Successful annual events such as DSF, GITEX, and Gulfood have shown the world the event management abilities of Dubai and I am sure if given an opportunity we can do it again with Expo 2020”, said M.A. Yusuffali in support of choosing Dubai as the host venue for Expo 2020.

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