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Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Foundation joins hands with LuLu Group to distribute shopping cards to needy Emiratis this Ramadan

16 July 2012

Dubai: Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al
Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Mohammed
Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity and Humanitarian Foundation engages in charity work
within and outside the UAE during the month of Ramadan. As part of its constant drive
to deliver necessary support to various segments of the society, funds are offered to
needy UAE nationals, residents, and Muslims in a number of countries around the world.
The Foundation has disbursed funds exceeding AED 25.6 million under 24 projects in the
true Ramadan spirit of sharing and helping.

This was informed by Chancellor Ibrahim Boumelha, Vice Chairman of the Board
of Trustees of the Foundation at a press conference held at the headquarters in Al
Mamzar for signing an MOU between Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charity
and Humanitarian Foundation and Lulu Group International, which was attended by HE
Abdul Razak Abdullah, CEO of Dubai Islamic Humanitarian Foundation, a subsidiary
of Dubai Islamic Bank and other dignitaries. Boumelha added that the policy of the
Foundation in this regard came from the state strategy to achieve comprehensive social
solidarity among all segments of the society. He said that the Foundation intended to
serve the residents in the region during the Holy Month in the best way possible and had
chalked out an action plan for early implementation so as to reach the beneficiaries in the
right time avoiding last minute crowding and embarrassment.

Boumelha thanked HH Sheikha Hind Bint Juma Al Maktoum for her moral and material
support for many charitable projects undertaken by the Foundation especially during the
Holy Month of Ramadan. He remembered with gratitude Sheikha Hind’s determination
to continue the Meer program during Ramadan every year together with the Foundation
to support needy families and asked Allah to accept her deeds and reward her virtue and

The Foundation will distribute the Meer Ramadan this year for the fifth time by magnetic
smart cards. The Foundation is the first and the only establishment on the state level to
implement Meer Ramadan projects this way which ensures value and positive rewards
for the beneficiaries. More than 3250 families will benefit from the project this time
from a total of AED 2 million. Boumelha said that the project is of great importance
to the Foundation as it cooperates with its partners in charity within the UAE for the
distribution of the smart cards. 250 cards have been allocated to families in each Emirate.

Boumelha said that this year the Foundation has distributed Alzakat early in Dubai and
the Northern Emirates to enable the beneficiaries to make the best of it while preparing
for the month of Ramadan. The Foundation is committed to helping the poor, orphans,
widows and needy citizens of the state and residents of different nationalities making
them feel comfortable and happy. A total of AED 19 million towards Zakat has been
collected and will be distributed among1000 families. The Foundation has signed a

cooperation and partnership agreement with Dubai Islamic Bank to distribute the due
Zakat money on the funds held by the Bank in accordance with the legitimacy provisions
of Zakat distribution. Zakat amount from the bank reached AED 8 million.

The Aid Department of the Foundation has set up an integrated plan for the distribution
of Alzakat before the start of Ramadan. It has begun receiving data on cases that needed
assistance and has been sorting them out according to the status of each family and their
needs. The department staff ran a background check on each case before starting the
distribution of Zakat and the process is still in progress.

In the case of ?helping orphans, Boumelha explained that the Foundation has implemented
an orphan project, which aims to support the families of orphans and help them bear
the expenses of raising them. There are about 353 orphans in Dubai and the Northern
Emirates who were given a total of AED 600,000. Boumelha pointed out that caring for
and adopting orphans is one of the most virtuous deeds mandated by Islam as they have
the most unfortunate childhood.

Foundation projects within the UAE include the distribution of sugar, which is needed
by people in large quantity during the Holy Month. Boumelha thanked Khaleej Sugar
Factory, which volunteered for the second year to contribute sugar; this time to the tune
of 135 tons amounting to a value of AED 480,000.

As for the projects outside the UAE, Boumelha informed that the Foundation continues
to reach out to a number of countries, embodying the bonds of brotherhood on
such occasions which is required by the religion to observe the Ramadan month.
The implementation of Iftar Saaem project in cooperation with a number of charity
organizations in other countries for supporting families with limited income deserves
special mention.

The highlights also include the implementation of Maphater Ramadan in 18 countries
disbursing over AED 2.7 million. Maphater aid reached over 1.6 million people in 20026
families around the world including 95,000 people in 8 Asian countries, 504,000 people
in African countries, and a combined total of 87,000 people in the USA, Canada and

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